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1992 Pack, by Alexis Jamet

1992 Pack, by Alexis Jamet

1992 was an incredible year. As the Cold War just ended, alternative cultures finally came out of the underground to seed radical ideas. While the masses were suddenly rocking to Nirvana and the Beastie Boys, high fashion realized that skateboarders were maybe up to something. Following the 1980s' over-the-top consumerism mindset, an eco-conscious youth movement took shape, calling to action - it raged against the machine and spread globally within music, arts, culture.

A new paradigm was born, where any environment deserved respect and love, whether you lived in the concrete jungle of the cities or the wilderness of nature. No wonder 1992 is also the year Element was founded.

As a part of the celebration of our 30th anniversary, we are releasing a special playlist Listen To 1992 to geek out on a few Easter Egg nods to legendary skate video soundtracks of the time and the 92 Pack designed in collaboration with artist and skateboarder Alexis Jamet.

Alexis's artistic inspiration for the 92 Pack comes from the eclectic graphic art of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, which has gained a cult following in the art world and he has applied his interpretation to this fresh mix of clothing and hardgoods. Alexis has taken his expertise in animated designs and essentially created freeze-frame versions of his designs to live on the fabrics and materials of this capsule. Featuring a fun mix of iconography, pastel tones and modern silhouettes, the 92Pack is a refreshing take on contemporary gear made for spring and summer. If you would like to learn more about Alexis and his work, please visit his website.

This collection of modern apparel and two limited edition skate decks will be available exclusively in core skate shops worldwide, find yours here. Be sure to check your local skate shop to explore the collection and to sit back, chill out, and bust out your portable CD player to Listen To 1992.

Element. 30 years of skateboarding, naturally.


1992 Alexis Jamet Pack element skate
1992 Alexis Jamet Pack element skate


Listen To 1992