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Griffin Fall 20

Future Nature Element - Griffin

Element continues to develop the “Future Nature” design collaboration with GRIFFIN STUDIO, forming the pinnacle of ELEMENT’s “Future Nature” collection.

GRIFFIN STUDIO, precursor in their approach to what the future of sustainability meant to the future of fashion and garment design.

Escaping london in 2009 during the financial crisis to re-think the future of fashion and redefine the next steps in sustainable living, landing on a remote portion of the atlantic coast in devon, UK.

Rebuilding a carbon neutral design studio, a self-sustained farm and geodesic camp concept @Loveland_Farm, forming a truly inspiring synergy between urban & outdoor lifestyle. Between reforesting the surrounding areas and growing their own food sources, they continue to develop and challenge design & lifestyle concepts.

The fall 20 “Future Nature” collection uses 90% sustainable, recycled fabrics like Repreve, creating a unique selection of fully versatile and reversible outerwear garments.