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Timber! Print & Colour


Timber! Print and Colour

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Back in the day you traveled with a scanner so you could send over art from wherever you were, these days you work on a tablet. Is there anything else you travel with that allows you to keep on working?

Yeah, a few years ago I was traveling with a scanner and sometimes a printer. That sucked. Now its just an iPad and a laptop ; I hope soon I can do everything with just an iPad. I'm a fan of traveling light.


Has the iPad replaced your sketchbook?

Not completely. I still use both. The iPad is slowly taking over though, especially because of traveling so much. When I'm home I still like to doodle on paper.


Have you noticed a change in style when youre working on a tablet vs. on paper?

Slightly, its a bit smoother looking but I don't think anybody notices besides me. The biggest difference is in the speed I can finish projects now. I'm probably producing twice as many projects since I started working on a tablet.


is traveling the world an integral part of your process or do you find the same inspiration when at home?

It's definitely more inspiring traveling, seeing so many cultures and their art. Just experiencing so much in life helps me create stories that most of my drawings and projects are based on.


Is your work schedule different when you're traveling?

At this point if I'm alive I'm working. Doesn't really matter where I am. The only difference is when I'm traveling I'm just drawing graphics and sketching ideas for future projects and when I'm home I try to spend more time working on other things I can't do on the road like painting, printing posters... making physical art.


Do you have a daily routine that gets you in a working mood?

Not really, I just jump in when I wake up. I don't need anything to start drawing. Emails and messages are a different story, It's really hard for me to reply to messages. I'm not so good at expressing myself with words and it takes me a ton of energy.


Do you get dressed for work, even at home, or do you let things slide, working in your pyjama's, Lebowski-style?

Most the time i start working when I'm still in bed especially when traveling, so no dressing needed. At home I get up, get dressed and I'm doing more physical work.


When you're at home, do you work in a dedicated space or are you able to work in your living room, with Netflix in the background.

I do have a dedicated space, but I don't use it all the time. When I'm working from the iPad I'm all over the place. In bed, on the couch, in the kitchen, outside... And yes a lot of Netflix in the background.


Lately, what have you been watching or listening to while working?

Most the time if I'm working I'm watching something I don't have to pay attention to, like old shows from my childhood. Shows like 'Cheers' and 'The Simpsons' on repeat. It's like an old friend talking to me in the background.


Your work has been featured on apparel and skateboards, on beer labels and on blankets. You've painted huge murals for all to enjoy and designed tattoo's for personal pleasure. What's a canvas or support you haven't had the chance to work with that's on your wishlist?

I would say a book or books, I have a few ideas for story books and I also want to make a retrospective book with all my art. I would also like to get back into ceramics. I was into it when I was younger but now I would like to combine it with the art I'm making now.


For those of us stuck at home, what are some good sources of inspiration you could recommend?

Everyone has some dream or some project that there isn't any time for, or we use time as an excuse not to work on it. Well, now is the time to work on these kind of things. Maybe make steps towards a new career or get better at a skill. You can come out of this thing ahead.